Our Group provides and trains specialist VIP protection services. Our highly trained and experienced Close Protection Officers (CPO's) are deployed to our clients every day.The course main target is to provide student with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work as a Close Protection agent as soon as he complete our intensive program.


for your business or leisure travel, if you arrive at the airports of Verona, Florence, Milan, Rome, Catania, Naples, Turin, and Venice, we are at your disposal to transfer you from the airport to where you want (hotels, embassies, shopping, home etc.). We are also able to transfer you with our vehicles ( or our super-equipped luxury vehicles) from place to place in Italy or to any city in Europe. The service can be offered in three modes:
- vehicle with driver
- vehicle with drivers and close protection
- vehicle with close protection .

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Mobile Guarding allows businesses of all sizes access to the world-class protection, high-caliber officers and advanced technologies that make Ausisegur a knowledge leader in security. 

After performing a detailed analysis of your site, Ausisegur will create an innovative, flexible solution that meets your security needs as well as your budget.


There are inherent risks to moving high valued assets by various delivery methods. Ausisegur provides you with the latest technology and the highest-quality personnel to protect your company’s assets at each step of the way, ensuring they reach their destination intact, safe and secure. 

However you choose to ship your goods – whether on the ground or in the air – Ausisegur is available worldwide to protect your supply chain. Our highly trained staff of active and former law enforcement personnel make certain your valued cargo reaches its intended destination. And we have the record to prove it with successful assignments throughout the Italy and Europe Union. From the cargo bay to the airport tarmac, our security specialists track every shipment from start to finish.

 Ausisegur offers innovative visitor management systems to help secure your facility and keep you aware of who is visiting your building.  Our lobby officers will not only assist in enforcing building policies and procedures but can:

  • Respond to building emergencies such as fires, bomb threats, medical emergencies and power failures
  • Issue ID cards and passes for verification of employees, visitors and contractors
  • Assist in package delivery and tracking
  • Utilize our visitor management systems to provide administrative reporting and transaction logging

 The Executive Protection staff of Ausisegur provides experienced professionals to ensure discreet personal protection for executives, celebrities, and high profile individuals.

Our staff includes ranking former and current officers of public security who have provided protection for politicians, presidents, celebrities . Our team of highly-trained professionals will provide you with maximum protection assuring your safety while traveling for business or pleasure. Careful planning and coordination are designed to minimize your risks whether you are going across town, across the country or traveling abroad. Our aim is to keep you safe and secure at all times while being as discreet as possible.

Uno dei nostri servizi


Helping maintain a safe and professional environment for your commercial office building.

In addition to location and amenities, a building’s competitive advantage is often defined by the quality of services offered, including security.  Responsibilities of the security staff in the commercial business environment are diverse, and Ausisegur can work with building owners and managers to help enhance your security program. 

The presence of well-trained security officers is a critical factor in preventing loss, keeping unauthorized people out of a facility and helping safeguard tenants and the general public.  Our security officers understand their roles and responsibility to interact appropriately and communicate effectively in every situation.