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Via Volturno 80, 20861 BRUGHERIO (MB)


+39 02 320 620 841

Customers, large or small, local or international, expect competence, reliability, prompt response, flexibility, cost competitiveness and maximum quality from their suppliers "


The major causes of shortages and losses in financial statements are identified in theft actions to the detriment of company capital goods. Ausisegur has personnel selected to reduce this phenomenon also thanks to means and tools that can provide valid help in reducing these risks and dangers both for the customer and for others in general (consumers).


The reception service staff recognize the staff and visitors by issuing access permits to the latter in compliance with the customer’s procedures.


Moving in complete comfort and safety is everyone’s desire. Our chauffeur service is often requested by those who need to move both for work and family reasons, with innovative and comfortable cars, with highly experienced driving staff.


In a context of high sensitivity towards personal safety put at risk every day by the social situation with which we face every day, the Ausisegur security services represent the guardian angel who promptly takes action to manage dangerous situations.

COVID-19 emergency

A team of professionals is ready to ensure an optimal performance set to face the current global health emergency from Covid-19.
Our body temperature control and measurement services at the entrances are safe and carried out by trained personnel equipped with every individual protection instrument as well as CE marked equipment in compliance with the standards.


  • Questo campo serve per la convalida e dovrebbe essere lasciato inalterato.

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