Reception - Contact Center - Welcoming - Courtesy

The reception or courtesy service staff recognize personnel and visitors by issuing access permits to the latter in compliance with the customer’s procedures, subsequently routing them to the offices to which they are directed (registration and visitor information). As a representative of the company where he is in charge, he must effectively handle and filter incoming calls.

Listening to the customer’s voice must be reconciled with the ability to make verbal messages clear and concise (telephone management). The operator of the switchboard must conciliate on the one hand the improvement of interpersonal relationships through a language more attentive to the psychological needs of others, and on the other hand he must know how to behave with people or in difficult situations. Difficult situations naturally include emergency management. Ausisegur, to underline the importance of the role of the switchboard operator, trains its employees with specific communication courses aimed at illustrating the telephone behaviors that contribute to spreading the image of a courteous, dynamic and efficient company; improve the listening and verbal exposure skills of the participants from a psychological point of view; provide the techniques to effectively cope with difficult situations. For services that require a large commitment of personnel and means, a person in charge of the service and of the human resources employed in it is appointed. This figure guarantees continuous monitoring of the employees and will be in continuous contact with the manager appointed by the client, with whom he will interact in order to solve any problems that may arise in real time.


fiduciary concierge service

The concierge service is mainly aimed at condominiums, buildings, hospitals, factories and residences. The worker is in charge of identifying both people and vehicles, by registering their identity documents (personal and vehicle) on specific registers numbered progressively.

All the details useful for identification will be noted: name, surname, residence, tax code, vehicle number plate, driver name, time of entry and exit. Emergencies will have absolute priority: the employee will immediately contact our manager or the head of security for reporting to the competent authorities. The person in charge of the service will never leave the reception until after the authorization of the manager or the company. Among the main activities of the concierge there is the management of the condominium mail: collection of registered letters, telegrams, parcels or postal packages with relative sorting and delivery in the various personal boxes.


Staff assigned to steward and hostess services, for congresses, fairs, conferences, political events, meetings, exhibitions and inaugurations. Graduated, highly qualified and bilingual staff, including native speakers. Excellent CVs, cultured, educated people with a beautiful image. Of excellent references and always ready to face different commercial environments especially where the maximum preparation is required in terms of knowledge of the most common languages, both spoken and written.


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