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Ausisegur guarantees a quality service.

The experience of over 25 years of activity in the security and investigation sector, the strong ambition and constant inspiration of wanting to grow and improve with the aim of satisfying the ever-increasing demands of companies and individuals in need of analyzing with attention to its economic reality through the study of solutions to solve various problems, led our company in 2000 to become one of the most competitive companies in Italy in the face of various rivals in the same sector. The merit of Ausisegur is its simplicity combined with a high level of competence in the field of security and investigation.

A Milanese company operating throughout the Italian territory with a multilingual and multiethnic operational staff Ausisegur is made up of professionals in the sector, people with the best curriculum and with all the psychophysical requirements necessary for this type of activity. 90% of the staff is made up of people with a history in public security departments or armed security institutions, both Italian and foreign. From the north to the south of our beautiful country, Ausisegur follows its customers everywhere and in different locations, including islands.

The company now boasts a structure that allows it to be present not only in the provincial and national territory, but also in the international one; in fact, the multiple requests for services received daily in Ausisegur are contacts from Italian companies interested in exporting their products abroad and those of foreign companies that go in search (in the vast sector of the promotional brand) of referenced companies in order to guarantee a presence constant and professional partner for the complete management and care of their contracts in our country, have allowed us to expand over time the knowledge, reliability and skills of Ausisegur to other world-renowned companies. Ausisegur today collaborates with London and American partners, who have been operating for decades on the entire world market, both in the field of security and in that of investigations.


Our company carries out work risk prevention, information, training and assistance activities in the field of safety and health at work. To contribute to the reduction of accidents, the company creates and promotes the constant evolution of an integrated system of worker protection and support, efficient and innovative, capable of offering targeted tools accessible to all. Our collaborators are prepared and constantly updated for the correct performance of all the functions provided for by the Laws that regulate prevention and safety in the workplace, to the advantage of a recognized quality of the performance of the services entrusted to us.

We protect all our customers through the best insurance policies, insuring ourselves with high ceilings.

Ausisegur protects both its customers and its human resources.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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