In a context of high sensitivity towards personal safety, put at risk every day by the social situation we face every day, the Ausisegur security services represent the guardian angel who promptly takes action to manage dangerous situations.

The security service in general is a service requested more frequently by all those companies or individuals who need to contain numerous people with adequate access control, invitation control and / or pass, during store openings, promotional events, new product launches, concerts, corporate parties, private parties.

The security beach service allows you to monitor those bathing establishments, lidos and private beaches both in winter and in summer, creating the ideal place to allow the people who host them to relax in complete tranquility and safety. The security beach service is carried out by qualified personnel with safety experience coming from similar environments such as: cruise ships, bathing establishments, public swimming pools, spas, bathing establishments or water parks. Our staff is made up of lifeguards, lifeguards or security officers in general. The staff, provided with all the qualification and authorizations patents, is provided by our company with a uniform suitable for the location (such as shorts, polo shirt with company logo, hat and life jacket).

The canine service is carried out with the help of dogs trained in self-defense and anti brawl. The breed most used by the company are the Rottweilers and German Shepherds. The dogs are owned by the company, which raises them, treats them and trains them at their own expense. The service is required for both day and night surveillance, in construction sites, airports, ports, bathing establishments, stands, set up squares, factories and villas. The service is always carried out in 2 that is, the dog and the man assigned to the service. The person to whom the dog is entrusted is solely responsible for it during the performance of the service who will be coordinator of everything, promptly managing any dangerous situations in a professional manner.

Safety is an important value that must be placed at the center of the attention of all of us. Ausisegur, thanks to its many years of experience in the field of security, offers its customers a range of professional services and solutions suitable for every business and personal need.


Our collaborators are ready to carry out all the functions provided for by law e81 / 08 to the advantage of a recognized quality of the performance of the services entrusted.

Ausisegur is equipped with insurance policies from the best Italian companies for civil liability towards third parties.

Ausisegur protects both its customers and its human resources.

Customer satisfaction is our certainty.

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